How TAHITIAN NONI® Juice is made

006Noni, whose scientific name is Morinda Citrifolia L., is an astringent green fruit with a bitterish taste. The fruit has a rough surface and a unique scent for which it is often called ‘cheese fruit’. Perhaps it is due to these qualities that people in the West had for so long not used these exotic, healing and nutritious fruits.

When I say ‘noni juice’ for the first time to my acquaintance or someone whom I don’t know, the first question is ‘What’s this?’

Do you have this question too? I will gladly share with you information about this wonderful product.


So, noni is the common name for the limburger tree (Morinda Citrifolia). This miracle grows in the territory from the islands of the French Polynesia throughout the southern part of the Pacific Ocean and is known there as the King of Healing Plants. Huge noni plantations grow on the island of Tahiti in an unspoilt environment and fruit all year round. Each tree can produce 600 to 800 kg of fruits.

And this is how the noni blossom, green fruit and ripe fruit look. They all can be on the same branch, and when a ripe fruit falls off, an ovary forms in its place soon afterwards.

This is how the ripe fruit looks. It should be noted that it tastes bitter and has a characteristic scent.

And this is how harvesting is done. Delicate tropical fruits which are virtually impossible to store when ripe.

I got to know that juice from noni fruits, as well as noni seeds and leaves have been used since olden times by Polynesian islanders for health purposes. These traditions are millennia-old. Life expectancy in Polynesia is much higher than in Europe. Noni was known in China, India, Hawaii and Asia Minor, but it was not until the previous century that word of it reached European countries and America. Just like with aloe vera, papaya and some other plants, it was proved that noni extract helps people with various health problems.

Noni juice can be bought anywhere in the world just by going to https://morinda.com/n4833434 Select your country of residence, go to «Opportunities» and by clicking «Join» order necessary products that can be delivered to the entered address or the company’s office.

Drink noni juice en famille for your health!

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