The noni fruit – what is it?

In 1993, two American food scientists turned their attention to noni research data.

They were impressed with noni research results and its excellent properties and set themselves to present to the world the whole of its nutritional value, this gift of nature for our body which has been used for thousands of years.

In 1996, a technology of extracting juice from the noni fruit was created and patented that preserves all of its important components.

To improve the taste of the fruit and obtain the final consistence of the juice, an exclusive formulation of taste supplements was found by adding bilberry and grape to thick noni fruit puree. This not only gives the juice an excellent taste, but also removes the characteristic odour.


Thus, in 1996 the first product from the noni fruit appeared, TAHITIAN NONI® juice.

If a product is designed for use by people, it is especially important that the source of a food product be of the highest quality and that every step be taken to ensure the customer is provided with a safe and reliable product.

noni had never been a commercial product before, so it is not raised at special plantations but grows in a natural unspoilt environment. It is owing to this ideal, unspoilt environment that the noni fruit reaches its superior quality necessary for obtaining TAHITIAN NONI® juice. Since time immemorial noni trees have grown on the islands of the French Polynesia. These are enduring plants that fruit all year round. On the same tree, fruits grow which are at different levels of ripening.

These fruits are collected by specially trained people. Taken off are ripe fruits, of a certain size and weight. Throughout the juice preparation process, the company’s specialists check the fruits to ensure that TAHITIAN NONI® juice is made of highest-quality raw stuff. Fruit collection is carried out in compliance with strict requirements.

The company controls the whole production process, from the tree to the juice bottle. The strict six-step quality control system ensures that TAHITIAN NONI® juice is the best and healthiest noni product.

The company can also trace the entire path from a bottle of TAHITIAN NONI® to an island where the fruit was collected, and even ascertain the harvester.

This scrupulous attitude to the production of TAHITIAN NONI® juice guarantees its high quality.
The strict control of TAHITIAN NONI® juice quality ensures realisation of the company’s concept of offering products that fit the unspoilt environment of the French Polynesia.

Nowhere else in the world there exists a purer, better checked product.

Noni juice can be bought anywhere in the world just by going to https://morinda.com/n4833434 Select your country of residence, go to «Opportunities» and by clicking «Join» order necessary products that can be delivered to the entered address or the company’s office.

Drink noni juice en famille for your health!

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