How TAHITIAN NONI® Juice is made
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Original Beverage is a healthy product

Is it possible to become dependent on TAHITIAN NONI® Juice?

No, it’s impossible, for it doesn’t contain narcotic substances. TAHITIAN NONI® Juice can be used in the process of overcoming addiction to various drugs, alcohol, smoking etc.

Are there any harmful side effects?

We know of none. According to the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), noni (Morinda Citrifolia) fruits are 100% safe for one’s health and are even recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Those who still doubt noni’s safety should reflect on the fact that on the islands of Polynesia and in some regions of Asia this fruit has been consumed by millions of people for over 2000 years.


It is possible to drive after taking in TAHITIAN NONI® Juice?

Certainly, for TAHITIAN NONI® Juice does not affect one’s consciousness.

Can children drink TAHITIAN NONI® Juice?

Yes! TAHITIAN NONI® Juice helps children to assimilate a great number of nutrients, be healthier and more enduring physically.

Can pregnant women and nursing mothers drink TAHITIAN NONI® Juice?

Yes! TAHITIAN NONI® Juice is recommended for drinking by prospective mothers so that they feed their body with vitamins and minerals, refilling the body’s reserves.

Can diabetics take in TAHITIAN NONI® Juice?

Consult a physician.

Noni juice can be bought anywhere in the world just by going to https://morinda.com/n4833434 Select your country of residence, go to «Opportunities» and by clicking «Join» order necessary products that can be delivered to the entered address or the company’s office.

Drink noni juice en famille for your health!

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